The dénouement

As you may have learned in high school -- I did, at least -- many works of fiction can be broken down into segments based on the level of tension in the story. You begin with what is called the "rising action" where you learn about the characters and their setting, and the the action is set up. This builds until you reach the story's dramatic climax, and afterwards the story is wrapped up as the consequences of what came before are played out. The future for our characters begins to take shape. This last section of the story is called the falling action, and ends with the resolution, or "dénouement".

Now that you've confronted your love for the Adored One, and their reaction to your miserable state has been established, you might be wondering about your own future, and what sort of part they might play in it. Don't count on a deus ex machina -- read up and prepare yourself for some of the possibilities.

What happens immediately after you and your Adored One confront your feelings depends, naturally, on the nature of that confrontation and their first reaction to it. Usually, though, there will be some level of awkwardness between you, even if your confession came as no surprise to them. What should you do?

After the immediate resolutions, what should you expect for the future and beyond? There are a lot of directions this could go, and even when you're in the thick of it, you might be taken by surprise and end up on a road you hadn't anticipated. The full spectrum of possible relationships is covered, really.

And you? How will you feel about the Adored One when all is over?

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