The Story of Wheelie, the Wild Boy of Quintesson

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Screenplay by Ron Friedman
Written by Sonia Black Woods
Illustrated by Earl Norem

This book was published by Marvel Books with a copyright of 1986. ISBN 0-87135-108-0.

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This is the story of Wheelie's life up to and including his meeting with Hot Rod and the other 1986 Autobots, but the story unfolds very differently than in Transformers: The Movie. While still "young", Wheelie and his parents (YUP) crashed their corkscrew-shaped ship on an unknown planet, and only Wheelie survived. The planet--Quintesson--was inhabited, and its natives captured him. Just before being pushed into their Sharkticon pit, Wheelie manages to escape and hide in the jungle. He becomes a badass survivalist, constantly evading capture and collecting Sharkticon teeth on a necklace, but always lonely and wishing his parents were still with him. Meanwhile on Earth, the Autobots are prepping a supply run to Cybertron. They overload the ship and end up crashing on--of all places--the planet Quintesson. Wheelie investigates the crash and protects the Autobots from a Quint ambush. The Autobots' ship is beyond repair, but Wheelie's corkscrew ship is in much better shape. After another scuffle with the Quints, Hot Rod repairs the ship and they all leave together.

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