Autobots' Advantage

Illustrated by Tony and Tony Tallarico
Written by Lara Bergen

This book was published by Honey Bear Books with a copyright of 1993.

The scans live here: Browse them at your leisure. "FC" and "BC" are the front and back covers. These scans were sent by Galanraff.

[ Cosmic Clash! ]I find page 7 somewhat intriguing... it's just a bunch of skyraiders with the Earth in the background covered with huge explosions. But, the text caption at the bottom says "Mega-BlasterTM". What could this mean? Surely nobody bothered to trademark the term for its use here... Was it already trademarked by someone else, and Honey Bear threw in the "TM" to cover their butts? Because someone might sue them over titling page 7 of this book Mega-Blaster? If they were concerned, why not put some different text there, like something that actually makes sense? ::sigh::

Other random bits: Grimlock is a "temporary Tyrannosaurus". Rather than cruising for chicks, Ramjet likes to go "cruising for Dinobots". After the story ends, declaring Prime and Bumblebee to be "rulers of the universe", Bonecrusher suddenly shows up, ready for action. Also, the author has an oddly understated notion of a "cosmic clash", as seen to the right.

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