Bumblebee to the Rescue!

Story by Dwight Jon Zimmerman
Art by Steve Ditko and John Tartaglione

This book was published by Marvel Books with a copyright of 1984. ISBN 0-87135-010-6.

The scans live here: http://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/~sstoneb/tf/books/coloring/bumblebee/. Browse them at your leisure. "FC" and "RC" are the front and rear covers. You can use the bumblebee-all.html file to load all the pictures on one page (may be slow). These scans were contributed by an anonymous donor.

Artwork notes:
[ Trailbreaker's weird design. ] Note that Steve Ditko is one of the credited artists on this book. (He is the only artist listed on "The Autobot Smasher!".) The artwork on page three was reproduced (and colored) to serve as the cover for "The Deadly Fuel Shortage". For this reason, I was inclined to assume this book was produced first, but in terms of story, it must come afterwards because it shows the Witwickeys as already affiliated with the Autobots. This is clearly one of the earlier books. As usual, Prime, Megatron, Laserbeak, and the Skyraiders appear basically on-model. (Normally Ravage is part of that group, but he looks a little weird in this book.) These were, presumably, among the first character models which were completed, most of them probably in Japan, before Floro Dery began his work on the franchise. Some of the other characters appear to be mostly based upon their familiar models, too, such as Sideswipe and Bluestreak (who is given Prowl's roof lights and hood detailing). Some other characters (most notably Bumblebee and Trailbreaker) are very toy-based in appearance. Similar to the Big Looker books with Earl Norem paintings, this book shows Buster but names him Spike. (In "Fuel Shortage" he was Buster in appearance and in name.) Lastly there are some generic Decepticons on page 37.

[ Megatron covets the Earth. ] Story notes:
The story is typical for these books. That is, things just sort of happen for no apparent reason. Sitting around at the base one day, Megatron suddenly decides it's time to defeat the Autobots. In their attack, the Decepticons use "sleep nets" which shut down Autobots and Sparkplug. Like in some of Zimmerman's other coloring books, there are moments where characters speak to each other in code in completely inappropriate moments, like Gears' scrambled-letters message to Prime when they are about to be flattened by a rockslide. Also typical of Zimmerman, the characters' tech spec / bio traits and abilities are explicitly brought out. Laserbeak's cowardice, for example, shows up here much as it did in "Decepticon Patrol".

This book starts out with a few pages of character introductions, and then jumps into the story. Megatron wants to capture the Autobots and put them in his special Autobot prison. With this plan firmly in mind, the Decepticons head out to accomplish their mission. Meanwhile, Bluestreak and Sideswipe are having a race to see who is the fastest Autobot. (Apparently they haven't read Windcharger's tech specs.) The Decepticons manage to capture everyone but Bumblebee, who sneaks into their base to rescue everyone.

The good bits:

Creepiest Sparkplug ever.
[ Creepy-looking Sparkplug. ]

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