Bumblebee's Dangerous Mission

Image showing the cover to Bumblebee's Dangerous Mission

Story by Suzanne Weyn
Art by Carlos Garzon

This book was published by Marvel Books with a copyright of 1985. ISBN 0-87135-038-6.

You can use the mission-all.html file to load all the pictures on one page or browse the folder to see the individual files. "FC" is the front cover. These images came to me from TF Raw, but the person who scanned them has been lost to the sands of time.

On a peaceful day, everyone at the Autobot camp is working or training, but Bumblebee is having trouble finding a way to contribute. After being teased he speeds off on his own, despite typically gruff Huffer reaching out to try to comfort him. While in his happy place, Bumblebee spots incoming Decepticons with his telescopic vision and goes back to base to warn his friends. Some of the Autobots are skeptical because they can't hear the Cons' jet engines coming... but that's because the Cons are using new jet engine silencers. Optimus Prime takes Bee's warning seriously and they prepare to defend themselves. After chasing the Decepticons off, all the older Autobots, including Prime, praise Bumblebee for his abilities and his courage.

Image showing Bumblebee's block-headed design. Artwork notes:
Most of the characters are more or less in their familiar models, except for Bumblebee who has the block-head design seen in other '85 books like Garzon's Summertime Coloring Book as well as Forest Rescue Mission and A Message from Outer Space. Megatron wears his comics-style helmet.

Story notes:
The page which introduces the jet engine silencers is a little unclear, but it seems like maybe Starscream invented it and Megatron is genuinely praising him for it. Either that, or Megatron invented it himself and felt like addressing Starscream by name while bragging about how great his design is. As is typical in G1 sidestories, Mirage has a "make a mirage" ability akin to Hound's holograms from the cartoon series.

The good bits:
Nihilist Bumblebee:
I'm no good to anyone. I belong in that junkyard!

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