Dinobots vs Constructicons

Illustrated by Tony and Tony Tallarico
Written by Lara Bergen

This book was published by Honey Bear Books with a copyright of 1993.

The scans live here: http://www.physics.ohio-state.edu/~sstoneb/tf/books/coloring/dino-vs-const/. Browse them at your leisure. "FC" and "BC" are the front and back covers. These scans were sent by Galanraff.

As was pointed out by LiquidVelcro!, one of the most striking features of "Dinobots vs. Constructicons" is a complete lack of Dinobot vs. Constructicon action. A few of the Dinobots show up, here and there, as do a few of the Constructicons, but they don't seem especially important, and none of them ever appear on a page together. The Constructicons fight only non-Dinobot Autobots, and the Dinobots fight only non-Construction Decepticons. Of course, page 17 implies that Inferno is a Dinobot, so if that's true, then there is one page where a Dinobot and Constructicon appear together: the title page, showing Inferno with Scavenger.

[ Sideswipe demonstrates his flight ability. ]Overall, this book is less amusing than "Autobots' Advantage" even though it's by the same creators. As in that book, though, the word "cosmic" is applied with no apparent cause... Sideswipe is referred to as a "cosmic convertible". (And yes, he's not a convertible, but he does convert to a robot. It's a, uh, "clever" joke.) There's also a page where you try to find all the hiding Decepticon jets... they are found in places like inside trees and taking up entire mountainsides. G2 car Skram appears on page 17, for no apparent reason, and Terradive shows up on pages 6 and 15. In another similarity to "Autobots' Advantage", after the battle is resolved and the Autobots have received the author's accolades, the final page is a complete non-sequitur with Sideswipe and Starscream suddenly starting to fight again.

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