Complete Go-Bots Power!

Written and Illustrated by David Willis

The scans live here: To view all 11 scans in one page, use go-bots-all.html.

This short ten-page book was created for the Official Transformers Collectors Convention (OTFCC) in 2003, the first of two years in which the official convention bore that name instead of the simpler "BotCon". OTFCC 2003 was the first year the convention had a special space set aside for young children to play. This room was referred to as the "Mini-Con", and was heavily influenced by Hasbro's then-current brand of Transformers for younger children, called "Go-Bots". The book was meant to be given out to guests at the Mini-Con as one of several available Go-Bots activites. Sadly, although approval from Hasbro for the contents of the book was received, the cover was rejected for straying too far from the Dreamwave house style. (They wanted to maintain some uniformity to the look of their licensed products.) This blow came too close to the date of the convention to produce an alternate cover, so the book has never seen the light of day until now.

[ Aero-Bot and Donny fly through the sky ]Since it wasn't actually published, this book can't quite be considered "official", but still, the inside did receive approval, so it's sort of in a quasi-official limbo. (Like a lot of 3H's other projects.) The book is presented here with the un-approved cover by the graces of David "Walky" Willis, whose work you can read several times a week in his toy-collecting-centered webcomic, Shortpacked!

The book is adorable, and guest stars kid-versions of several human characters from various Transformers universes. Most of them are villains, but they're just so darned cute!

Page 1 refers to Strong-Bot as a "mystery bot" because kids were going to be encouraged to create a new character, which -- had everything gone smoothly -- might have become a convention exclusive toy in a later year.

The last image, with Strong-Bot in the desert, was inspired by a page from an old Generation 2 activity book, which you can see here. It's in his construction-vehicle blood.

For more Go-Bots goodness, visit Salt-Man Z's lovely site, Go-Bots Are Pure Love.

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