The Autobot Smasher!

Story by Dwight Jon Zimmerman
Art by Steve Ditko

This book was published by Marvel Books with a copyright of 1985. ISBN 0-87135-039-4.

The scans live here: Browse them at your leisure. "FC" and "BC" are the front and back covers.

Artwork notes:
Take note of the artist's name. Yes, that's Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-Man. As you might guess from the late copyright for this book, all of the characters are drawn in their standard cartoon models. As such, there's nothing in particular to point out about the artwork here other than the absurdity of Steve Ditko's talent being tapped for a project like this.

Story notes:
Ravage speaks like an ordinary Transformer.

This book starts out with brief profiles for a few characters. The story begins with Thundercracker announcing that he has an idea of how to stop the Autobots. He brings his comrades to a junkyard where they set up a trap to lure Autobots into a car smasher. The Decepticons see Gears on the road, so they disguise the smasher as an "Autobot Rest Stop" with a few curtains and cushins. Gears is tricked, but the other Autobots show up out of nowhere. A fight ensues. The Autobots beat off most of the Cons, and then Rumble accidentally swallows up Soundwave and himself with an earthquake. Ratchet repairs Gears, and all is well.

The good bits:
What's Gears doing on the road alone? Well, naturally, he's towing a trailer full of potatoes that he intends to sell for gas money.

Did I mention that the Decepticons disguised the smasher as an "Autobot Rest Stop" with a few curtains and cushins?

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