Desert of Danger
by Dave Morris
illustrated by Bob Harvey

Battle of the Hybrids!

    On the distant planet of Nebulos, groups of Heroic Autobots and Evil Decepticons have settled, binary bonding their powerful bodies with the native Nebulans to create a dramatic new race of hybrid robots. Each can transform for action at lightning speed. Now the terrible battle between Good and Evil continues on Nebulos ...

You are the hero of this book- suddenly you are thrust into the deadly struggle.

Targetmaster HOT ROD and his Nebulan companion, Professor Sparks, suspect that a group of Decepticons, led by the fearsome SKULLCRUNCHER, have a cunning plan to form an invincible Decepticon army on Nebulos. With your help, will HOT ROD be in time to thwart their evil scheme?

     This is an adventure story, but it is not like most other adventure stories -there is one big difference.
     You are the main character.
     In this story, you are a starship co-pilot and there are some incredible adventures in store for you on the planet Nebulos. What happens in the story depends on your decisions. The final outcome -whether HOT ROD and Sparks will win the day or whether the Evil Decepticons will triumph -is in your hands.
     Do not read the pages of this book in numerical order, as you would an ordinary adventure story. You should start at page 1, of course, but where you go from there will depend on what you choose to do.
     Now, fasten your seatbelt and fire your retro-rockets -you are about to land on the fabulous planet Nebulos!

Scans and HTML by Derik Smith.

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