by Dave Morris
illustrated by Bob Harvey

Evil Robots Walk Among Us!

    Earth has been invaded by the powerful robots from the distant planet Cybertron - the Heroic Autobots and their enemies, the Evil Decepticons. They can disguise their robot shapes as earthly machines and transform for battle at l1ghtning speed. The battle between good and Evil rages on Earth...

You are the hero of this book- suddenly you are thrust into the deadly struggle.

You will meet the valiant Autobot JAZZ and help him fight against the evil STARSCREAM. But be careful - your actions will decide whether the Oecepticon is defeated or whether he gets the terrible weapons he needs to overthrow the world!

     This is an adventure story. But it is not like most other adventure stories -there is one big difference. You are the main character. What happens in the story depends on your decisions. The fate of The Transformers - whether the valiant JAZZ will prevail or whether the evil schemes of STARSCREAM will defeat him - is in your hands. Do not read the pages of this adventure in numerical order, as you would an ordinary book. You should start at page 1, of course, but where you go to from there will depend on what you choose to do. Prepare yourself to meet The Transformers!

Scans and HTML by Derik Smith.

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