When Continents Collide

This book was published by Kid Stuff with a copyright of 1985.

Notes on this book:

Megatron extracts oil from the Alaskan pipeline and resevoirs. He takes so much oil that emptied cavities under the Earth's surface begin collapsing, causing earthquakes, shifting of landmasses, and volcanic eruptions.

The book states that Russia and "the West" reach the brink of thermo-nuclear war over the disasters, marking another rare instance of TF fiction acknowledging the existence of nuclear power and weapons (Battle for Cybertron is the other on this page).

The Decepticons get around in a long hovering oil transporter / driller stolen from humans until Skyfire destroys it partway through the book. (In the MST session at the 2003 Official TF Collectors Convention, this craft was aptly described as a giant flying electric shaver.) They then move into a deap-sea oil transporter / driller also stolen from humans, this one shaped like a flying saucer. Amazingly, there is no mole machine in this book, making it the only Kid Stuff book I've seen without one (excluding the Big Lookers later redone as read-a-longs).

[ Oblong stolen oil driller/transporter. ] [ Round stolen oil driller/transporter. ]

In the recording, there is a hilarious reading of Prowl's line, "Our missiles!" just after Prime explains his razon gas plan.

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