Jaws of Terror

Written by John Braden
Illustrated by Pablo and Judith Marcos

This book was published by Kid Stuff with a copyright of 1986.

Notes on this book:

From this story's context, it seems as if a previous book may have featured Shockwave in an attempt to take over the Decepticons, as Megatron's motivation in this book is to get back at Shockwave.

[ Slag, in dino mode, dogfights with Ramjet. ]This book explains, a little vaguely, that the Dinobots had been trapped in a Savage Land tarpit for millions of years just as in the Marvel comic books. They are capable of flying in dinosaur mode, too, sort of like Hound's jeep-mode flight in "Storms".

As you read this book, you will probably find yourself confused when Slag goes in for repairs and the Dinobots seem to have become stuck in tar again with no explanation. Keep reading. It will make sense... sort of... by the end.

Megatron is driving a new drill machine. This one is referred to as a "Thermo-borer". Unfortunately we don't get any clear looks at its form.

The toy-accurate artwork extends even to Ratchet, who appears with the flat sticker-face of the toy and standing next to his repair platform.

Aside from the Dinos and Shockwave, who appeared in other fiction late in year one of TFs, year-two skyraider Ramjet shows up in the artwork and text.

Skyfire is not drawn or named this time, but Prime does make mention of the group of Autobot "superjets" who do appear, sort of, in the later book "Slaves of the Insecticons".

What's going on here in this last picture? Read the book for the shocking truth!

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