Storms of Destruction

This book was published by Kid Stuff with a copyright of 1985.

Notes on this book:

This one is a little perplexing. It has clear, explicit continuity ties to the previous books but they don't make sense:

[ Mole Machine No. 2 ] [ The Defoliator ]

As for the story, here Megatron's quest for oil has him pumping ocean water under the Brazilian rainforest to push oil out of underground resevoirs to the surface. In doing so, he again instigates worldwide disasters by drawing off a warm ocean current and drastically alterering weather patterns.

There are a lot of flying Autobots in this one, including a really amusing picture of Bumblebee.

[ Flying Autobots, including Jeep-mode Hound. ] [ Bumblebee tumbling through the sky. ]

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